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Donetsk: Better to Join the UK than Russia

People in Eastern Ukraine have figured out how to use their heritage for advantage against Putin and Russia.

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The Case Against Dr. Vivek Murthy for Surgeon General

Why the NRA should continue to dictate the U.S.’s medical priorities.

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Chris Christie and Vladimir Putin: Two Bullies Separated at Birth

Should the world be afraid of bullies?

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Goodnight Moon. Goodnight NSA.

What can jolt Americans into seeing that security comes only through transparent civic institutions?

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Renzi Takes Rome

What can the new Italian prime minister realistically achieve?

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“F*** the EU:” How Victoria Nuland Stirs the Pot in Ukraine

What really caused the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Europe to speak her mind so clearly?

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The Chinese Colossus, Really?

Can China displace the United States as a military colossus in command of global affairs? Does it want to do so?

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How China Transformed Itself

How did Communist China manage to become so fiercely competitive?

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Europe: Technocrats Vs. Democrats

Europe’s democrats must end the almost religious hold of the EU technocrats.

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A Pop History of the European Union

The EU was supposed to make Europe one. But the crisis is being handled as many.

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