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Apple: Is Europe Unfair?

Six points about the EU’s Apple tax ruling.

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Will Germans Turn Sour on Turkey-Russia Deal?

Trade flows in agricultural products and the high-stakes games of international sanctions.

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The Jingoism of British Conservatives

Leading UK conservatives act as if they know everything. But they know little about the world outside

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Piketty on Immigration

Why aren’t poor Americans more up-in-arms over rising levels of income inequality?

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Europe’s Rules? Forget About Them

The rest of the world has it all wrong: The EU isn’t obsessing about rules.

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Churchill’s Disgruntled Diatribe on Islam


The West’s policy in the Muslim world may hearken back to opinions held by leaders from its past.

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Independent Scotland: Another Small EU Country?

Although quite a few other EU countries are even smaller than Scotland, smallness isn’t a virtue in itself.

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Europe: Juncker or Not? It Doesn’t Matter

Who will get the jobs that really matter in Brussels?

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The Disastrous U.S. Habit to Rush Elections

From Iraq and Afghanistan to Ukraine, the U.S. always hopes to get “its man” into office quickly — with poor results.

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Donetsk: Better to Join the UK than Russia

People in Eastern Ukraine have figured out how to use their heritage for advantage against Putin and Russia.

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