The Globalist Quiz

A window on the world that is as stimulating as it is educational


Weekly, 52 editions/year

Approximately 650 words

Print and online editions

Exclusive publishing rights available in many national and regional media markets

Converting nervousness into knowledge

The Globalist Quiz presents an engaging way to link your readership to key global issues.

From week to week, the quiz covers key aspects of the global agenda, including:

• Demographics
• Economy and Trade
• Education
• Energy and the environment
• Health
• Science and technology
• Women and gender issues

The Globalist Quiz typically offers four alternative answer options. The quiz is presented in such a manner that even the wrong answers drive the narrative forward.

By making intriguing comparisons across cultures and nations, we offer a window on the world that is as stimulating as it is educational.

The Globalist Quiz is well-suited to the dynamics of a diverse readership — from younger people and teachers to business executives and travel-minded retirees.


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