Akbar Ahmed

Akbar S. Ahmed is the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies and professor of International Relations at American University, in Washington, D.C.

Did Obama Love Drones Too Much?

Does the United States fully understand what it has wrought through the use of armed drones?

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Islamic Tribes: Testimonies of Genocide

Are countless acts of genocide the destiny of the human race?

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How U.S. Drones Miss Their Target

Just as the drone is an appropriate metaphor for the current age of globalization, the thistle captures the essence of tribal societies.

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Darwin Versus Jesus

How would U.S. society benefit from more true Christianity and less Darwinian thinking?

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The U.S. in Waziristan: Learning from the Past

Why have U.S. policies in the Muslim world failed — and what should the United States do in the future?

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Dealing With Pakistan’s Wild West

As the United States contemplates taking covert action in Waziristan, what should it know about the region’s culture?

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U.S. Covert Action in Waziristan (Part I)

What can the United States expect if it conducts more aggressive operations against Al Qaeda in Waziristan?

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Pakistan and Globalization

Why is the verdict on globalization decidedly mixed from the standpoint of Pakistan?

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Musharraf’s Rape Cover-Up

How did notions of tribal loyalty and Pakistan’s military might come into conflict over the rape of Shazia Khalid?

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Pakistan: Back to the Dark Ages?

How does the plight of Mukhtaran Mai illustrate the tensions between Islam and globalization?

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