Alexei Bayer

Alexei Bayer is the Eastern Europe Editor of The Globalist. [United States]

Is Trump a Russian Agent?

Putin didn’t even have to recruit Trump for his project of destabilizing the United States. Americans are doing a great job of achieving it themselves.

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Trump’s Next Move: Purging the U.S. Military?

The only force that could stop Trump if he ever tried to violate the Constitution would not be the Democrats, but probably the U.S. military.

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Welcome to a New Kind of War

Russia is indeed at war with the Western alliance, one that it has unilaterally unleashed.

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Donald Trump: The Nigerian Scammer

The tools President Donald Trump uses to build his electoral base and to keep it intact are borrowed from Nigerian scammers.

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Trump Vs. the Koch Brothers

Are the Koch brothers going to be devoured by the very same radical forces on the right-wing of Republican politics that they helped spawn?

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Trump: A New Reagan? Or a New Chamberlain?

Trump is the worst appeaser since Britain’s Neville Chamberlain. He is weakening the United States, emboldening its enemies and shattering the world order.

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Trump’s Stalinist Roots

Making personal loyalty the measure of all government, as Donald Trump does, was tried in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin.

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Trump: A Perfect Republican

Trump embodies many of the nasty or deceitful trends that have long moved the Republicans away from the path of political virtue.

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Putin’s Goal: Bankrupting America?

Was Putin’s talk of a Russian miracle weapon merely meant for domestic consumption ahead of Russia’s March presidential elections? Or does he pursue another goal with his move?

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Donald Trump and His Banana Republic

To Trump, the broad masses of the American people are ultimately no better than Mexico’s poor. All he really desires is the approval of the billionaire class.

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