Aykan Erdemir

Aykan Erdemir is the senior director of the Turkey Program at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Erdogan’s Hostage Diplomacy: Why We Need a Transatlantic Response

Only a strong and coordinated response can deter the Turkish president from continuing to use Western nationals as pawns to advance his political agenda.

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Catholic Church in Turkey Attacked – Again

Turkey’s culture of impunity continues to make Christians an attractive target for hate crimes.

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Turkey’s Latest Scapegoats: Christians

Is the ruling Islamist-rooted AKP party in Turkey intimidating Turkish Christians?

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After the Coup: Backlash Against Turkey’s Minorities

The failed coup has sparked a wave of hatred and violence against religious minorities for their supposed “complicity” in the incident.

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The Creeping Pakistanization of Turkey?

The dangerous effects of Erdogan’s ill-fated strategy toward ISIS.

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EU Refugee Crisis: Turkey as an Effective Partner?

Appeasing Erdogan’s Turkey without regard for European values won’t create an effective border.

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