Alton Frye

Alton Frye was staff director for Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-MA) and worked in the presidential campaigns of John Anderson (R-IL) and Howard Baker (R-TN). He also worked with leading Democrats including Thomas Foley, Les Aspin, Edmund Muskie, Sam Nunn and others.

An Option for Nancy Pelosi: Designate a Successor

Democrats could resolve divisions over speakership by choosing both Pelosi and a successor now.

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Why Even Democrats Should Vote for Speaker Ryan

As Americans must regain their respect for one another, how far should Democrats go to work with Republicans now?

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The United States in 2016: As Distrustful as the GDR?

As 2017 begins, a meditation on reining in vitriol and reviving Americans’ trust in one another.

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Protest and Voter’s Remorse

On the dangers of the ill-considered passions of a constituency provoked by demagogues.

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Trump the Terrorist

Will the candidate’s encouragement of violence prompt U.S. courts to rethink incitement laws?

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