Anna Greenspan

Anna Greenspan is an assistant professor at NYU Shanghai.

Shanghai and Disruptive Innovation

Shanzhai: The disruptive potential of innovation from below.

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Shanghai and Its Environs: The Wenzhou Model

The dynamism of China’s economy owes much to small-scale entrepreneurship.

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Shanghai: The Underground Economy

Informal markets are telltale symbols of the modernity brewing in Shanghai.

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Shanghai’s Thames Town: One Potemkin Village Within Another

An English village knock-off serves the ritual of the modern Chinese wedding.

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Shanghai and China’s Embrace of Creativity

Shanghai envisions itself as the world’s next great cultural hub, a key site of China’s “soft power.”

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Shanghai — Gazing At Its Own Image

The Potemkin Village that is Shanghai reflects China’s love of show.

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Shanghai – A City Hungry for the Future

Shanghai longs for a future that envelops the past.

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Shanghai's Coming Out Party

How does Shanghai’s hosting of the World Expo 2010 herald its emergence as a truly world-class city?

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China Vs. America? Learning Strategies in the 21st Century (Part 2)

Could the differences between Eastern and Western education models lead to future problems?

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China Vs. America? Learning Strategies in the 21st Century

How do the Western and Eastern educational systems stack up against one another?

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