Andrés Ortega

Andrés Ortega is senior research fellow at the Elcano Royal Institute, a major Spanish foreign affairs think tank.

Disinformation Campaigns and Public Mistrust

Disinformation needs to be tackled by a troika – individual members of the public, the social media companies and governments.

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Social Media in China: The Great Distraction

Worried about social media helping to create popular movements, China runs an elaborate system of censorship and manipulation.

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Will There Be a Kurdish State?

Terrorism, oil, the crisis in Iraq, the Syrian civil war and geopolitics all weigh against the birth of a new Kurdish state.

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Maduroism and the Destruction of Venezuela

Venezuela’s “Bolivarian Revolution” has been an even more pronounced failure under Maduro than under Chavez.

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Painful Coexistence

How do we deal with, and cope with, Jihadi terrorism?

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The Destabilizing Effect of Cheap Oil

oil well

The fall in the value of oil has far reaching knock-on effects.

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Back to the Global Vertical

With the decline of the middle classes, social classes are back on the global agenda. That is politically dangerous.

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California Yes, United States No

How Trump matters less in a world of sub-country level governance.

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The Tale of the Two Spains

The financial crisis has split Spain into two: a Spain that works and one that doesn’t.

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