Andreas Umland

Andreas Umland is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, Kyiv.

Ukraine, the West and a Dead End

What the West must do so that a reformed Ukraine can survive in the face of a continuing Russian threat.

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Ukraine’s “Success Trap”

Within five to ten years, Ukraine will be a largely renewed country with less corruption and stronger rule of law than today. But Putin & Co. remain a big risk factor.

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Why the West Misunderstands Russia’s Challenge

Looking past the bluster and hyperbole of Russia’s political leaders and business elites.

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How to Influence Russian Public Opinion?

Russian social networks are potential channels for spreading the truth about the Kremlin’s corruption and propaganda.

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Russo-Turkish Confrontation and Future of Putin’s Regime

Repercussions inside Russia of the jet incident on the Syrian border.

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Quo Vadis, Putin? An Answer in Five Points

Reflections on Putin and Russian domestic politics.

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Ukraine: Cancel the Presidential Election! (It’s The Wrong Kind)

The May 25 presidential election does not matter. Ukraine needs a well-balanced parliamentary system.

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Ukraine: Why Europe Has the Most Leverage

As Brussels remains reticent, Russia continues bluffing that it can shape the post-Soviet space.

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Ukraine: Key to Restoring a Greater Russia

Ukraine is caught between European integration and Russian re-unification aims.

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Russia’s Liberal Pseudo-Politicians

Can Russia’s liberal movement find a leader who can connect with ordinary Russians?

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