Amy Zalman

Amy Zalman is a professor of Strategic Foresight at Georgetown University and the founder and CEO of Prescient, a foresight consultancy.

Imagination: Powering Post-COVID Pandemic Planning

Acknowledging that we live on the edge of uncertainty is terrifying for modern people. How to deal with that?

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Fighting Terrorists? Needed: More Effective Battle of Ideas

There are different kinds of terrorists. Understanding the variations could help stop them.

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After Orlando: Trump Doing ISIS’s Bidding

Calling the Orlando attack “Islamist Terrorism” is a strategic mistake.

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Beware the NSA: Human Vs. Machine Intelligence

What is the real conversation we should be having about NSA data mining?

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Post-Boston: A More Effective Battle of Ideas (Part II)

With a deeper knowledge of the various kinds of terrorism that have emerged, how does the United States engage in an effective battle of ideas?

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Post-Boston: Keep Calm and Think Clearly (Part I)

What can the Boston Marathon bombings teach the United States about employing more effective forms of countering violent extremism?

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How Power Really Works in the 21st Century: Beyond Soft, Hard & Smart

Has the ubiquitous concept of “soft power” outlived its usefulness in international affairs?

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