César Chelala

César Chelala is a global health consultant and contributing editor for The Globalist. [New York, United States]

Violence in the Schools: A Global Scourge

How to deal with the problem of violence in children and adolescents.

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Argentina: Who Killed Alberto Nisman?

The federal prosecutor of a 1994 terrorist attack by Hezbollah died in 2015 just after denouncing Argentina’s president for treason.

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Soap Operas as Teaching Tools

Using television to spread public health messages.

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The Plight Of China’s “Left Behind” Children

61 million children in China grow up effectively parentless. Imagine the consequences on their development.

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China’s Dementia Challenge

Around 10 million people in China are suffering from dementia. Is the government adequately prepared?

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China: Language Simplification to Increase Literacy?

Is simplified Chinese necessary given China’s improved social and economic conditions?

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Beyond Flint: Victimizing Women and Children

Environmental degradation takes a heavy toll on women and children’s health.

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The Fried Eggs of Jorge Luis Borges

Stories of personal encounters with great Argentinean writer.

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Public Health: Russia is Sick

Public health challenges facing Russia today cripple its potential for tomorrow.

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China: Where Young Men Are Looking for Brides

A cultural bias towards male heirs is creating a vast gender divide in China.

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