Colin Cleary

Colin Cleary is a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Department of State.

Ukraine’s Maidan Square: A Photo Essay

Memorials to the “Heavenly Hundred” in Kiev’s Maidan Square are a reminder of unfulfilled promises of reform.

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Ukraine: This Time Is Different

A new commitment by Ukrainians to vigilance over their political leaders.

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Ukraine’s Balcerowicz Moment

Ukraine’s present duress could help push forward necessary reforms.

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Ukraine: Making up for Past Leadership Failures

With May 25 elections looming, Ukraine has a historic opportunity to avoid history repeating itself.

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Don’t Give Up on a United Ukraine

Divisions in Ukraine, while real, are often oversimplified.

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Doubling Down on Wind: Ireland Greens Its Grid, Looks to Export

Will Ireland become a global hub of innovation in the management of renewable power?

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