David Apgar

David Apgar is the author of the book "Risk Intelligence: Learning to Manage What We Don’t Know."

The Yemen-Benghazi Connection: Politics Before People

When Republicans use American deaths in terrorist attacks as a political weapon.

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Who Bosses Whom? Israel Vs. the United States

The problem today is that the United States has too much influence on Israel, not the other way around.

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How to Succeed in Nuclear Talks With Iran

A nuclear deal with Iran would give the United States four major strategic advantages.

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Petraeus and Serdyukov: Cupids or Stupids?

Does the ouster of Russia’s defense minister signal the return of high defense spending?

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Protecting the Nanny State Boss

Are Republicans intent on creating a U.S. nanny state, too — only substituting employers for the government?

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Time to Break BP Up

Do BP’s far-flung operations have the potential to create catastrophes worse than the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico?

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Two Crucial Tweaks to the Treasury Plan

What changes can improve Timothy Geithner's new plan to revive U.S. credit markets?

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Rethinking Credit Ratings

How much blame for the global financial crisis should fall with rating agencies?

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Out of Bretton Woods

What is the most effective way for the new U.S. administration to cooperate on international financial issues?

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Microfinance and the Global Food Crisis

How will food price inflation affect the effectiveness of microfinance institutions?

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