Daniel Bachman

Jewish "Wahhabis"?

Is there a Jewish equivalent to the Wahhabi school of Islam?

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Strange Bedfellows, Part II: Israel and Christian Fundamentalists

What do Jews think about U.S. fundamentalists’ strong support for Israel?

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Strange Bedfellows, Part I: Israel and Christian Fundamentalists

Why do fundamentalist Christians throw their support behind Israel?

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Saudi Arabia's Toxic Royals

Is Saudi Arabia refusing to contribute to economic rebuilding efforts in the Middle East and elsewhere?

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Germany's Inflated Pride

Is a new love for inflation a clear indicator for how desperate things have become on Germany’s monetary front?

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“Fed’s Up?” On War and Interest Rates

What is behind the Fed’s November 6 interest rate cut?

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The Measure of a Man

What does Alan Greenspan's wealth say about CEO compensation?

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Invading Iraq: Will Oil Prices Rise?

Could an invasion of Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein lead to a global drop in oil prices?

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The Curse and the Blessing of High Productivity

Is the announcement that U.S. productivity growth hit a record 8.5% good news or bad? Just ask Europe.

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Making Up the Numbers

What is the difference between economists and accountants in a post-Enron world?

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