Denise Feldner

Denise Feldner is a lawyer and technology expert based in Berlin. She works in international law and analyzes the impact of digital technology on the modern state and society.

Will a Chinese “Sputnik moment” in AI Unleash Dynamism in the West?

A German perspective on the global AI race.

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How Is Digitalization Changing the Future of Work?

What do impending job losses mean for our societies? And how do we integrate artificial intelligence into our education system?

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Attacks on Academics: East Europe, Russia and Turkey

Limiting academic freedom is a threat to democracy itself. EU leaders must unite and stand up to this troubling trend.

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A (Global) March for Science Against Trump’s “War on Science”

Trump has had a noticeable effect on scientific institutions. To prevent being slaughtered by him one by one, they are getting politically active.

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Brexit: Is Britain Facing A Mass Academic Exodus?

The world class reputation of British research institutions depends on maintaining excellence in particular fields of research.

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