Denis MacShane

Denis MacShane is a Contributing Editor at The Globalist. He was the UK's Minister for Europe from 2002 to 2005 — and is the author of “Brexit No Exit: Why Britain Won’t Leave Europe.” [London]. Follow him @DenisMacShane

Brexit “Deal”: Not Even the End of the Beginning for UK and EU

Years and years of negotiations about the future UK-EU relations lie ahead — if the ambitions are ever to be set into an international treaty.

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Nick Clegg: Facebook’s New Lobbyist

Former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been bought up by the Silicon Valley giant to mollify the EU.

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Greece’s Alexis Tsipras: A Remarkably Solid Politician

Alexis Tsipras admired Hugo Chavez. Then he became Greece’s Prime Minister. Now, he’s Washington’s good friend.

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German Lessons for Britain on EU Workers’ Freedom of Movement

It is ludicrous to blame Angela Merkel’s refugee policies for strengthening the Brexit vote. The wave of xenophobia was the result of the UK’s own administrative ineptitude.

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Brexitdämmerung? Not Really

Not just the Tories, but Emmanuel Macron and Jeremy Corbyn highlight how big the gap between Britain and the EU remains.

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Boorish Johnson, Domestic Terrorist

Do the disgusting comments Boris Johnson hurled at Theresa May finally mark the end of Boris Johnson’s career in British politics? Might emigration to Trump’s America be his only option?

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Must Germany Have Yet One More Top Job in Europe?

A German as head of the European Commission? If this is unstoppable, leave the German man who is lined up for the post in Berlin. Instead, send a powerful German woman to Brussels.

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Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Opts for Trump

Theresa May’s main opponent sees economic nationalism and crass protectionism as the answer to Brexit.

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Battleground Britain: Brexit’s Three Dimensions

Sorting out political Brexit, economic and commercial Brexit as well as geopolitical Brexit.

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Bernard-Henri Lévy: A False Prophet

The man who gave us the disaster of Libya is no help against Brexit.

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