Dan Steinbock

Euro Crisis: Economic Turmoil, Political Backlash

How is the global economic crisis generating a political backlash — even in the prosperous core of the eurozone?

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Brazil’s Potential in the Rousseff Era

Is Brazil’s recent success sustainable over the coming decade?

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Europe’s Debt Crisis: The Most Difficult Decisions Are Ahead

Why is the euro area’s debt crisis only beginning — and how can it be overcome?

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Egypt After Mubarak: New Era of Modernization?

How can Egypt stand at the edge of a new period of modernization and opening up in the Arab world?

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Smartphone Rivalries: Apple's Global Challenges

What will it take for Apple to succeed in the global market?

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Apple Vs. Nokia: The Smartphone Rivalry

Does winning globally require leadership in advanced and emerging nations?

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Europe's Debt Crisis: Long-Term Economic Decline?

Is the turmoil over the euro accelerating the long-term erosion of Europe's economic power?

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The Rest and the West

Is the debt crisis shifting economic growth to developing countries?

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Shanghai and Hong Kong: China’s Emerging Global Financial Hubs

How have Shanghai and Hong Kong contributed profoundly to China’s economic progress?

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