Frank Vogl

Frank Vogl is co-founder of Transparency International and author of Waging War on Corruption: Inside the Movement Fighting the Abuse of Power.

Jail the Corrupt! No More Impunity

From Brazil to Macedonia, from Iceland to Guatemala, public prosecutors are going after corrupt top politicians on an unprecedented scale.

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A New Era of U.S. Small Manufacturing Dawning?

The man who coined the term “emerging markets” now foresees a great future for “rustbelt” cities.

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The “Panama Papers” Are About Criminals

It is high time for U.S., U.K. and Swiss justice authorities to act.

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Cleaning Up the World: End Dirty Money

Any attempt to end money laundering will be staunchly opposed by vested interests.

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Brazil’s and South Africa’s Watergate Moment

What happens when judges fight corrupt political leaders?

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FIFA and Company: The New Mafia?

Can we clean up corruption in major sports around the world?

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Mark Wolf: Judge on a Global Mission

Campaign grows for an International Anti-Corruption Court.

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High Time for a Western Oil Strategy

Yes, we can boost global security and good governance.

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The Fight Against Corruption: On the Home Stretch?

Why September 2015 matters much in the global battle on routing out corruption.

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Is Genocide Inevitable?

Other outcomes are possible in African conflicts.

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