Frank Vogl

Frank Vogl is co-founder of Transparency International and author of Waging War on Corruption: Inside the Movement Fighting the Abuse of Power. [Washington D.C., United States]

US Vs. Trump: The Evidence Mounts and Mounts

The United States has entered constitutional crisis territory.

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Schiff Against Trump: Let the Congressional Investigations Begin

President Trump dismisses Adam Schiff as a political hack pursuing the politics of revenge. But he may find him to be his worst nightmare.

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The Double-Standard Raised by the Corruption Perception Index

Some of the countries that do best in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index are where kleptocrats place their dirty cash.

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US: How to Combat Terrorist and Other Illicit Financing?

The continuing hijacking of the global financial system by terrorist organizations and organized crime must be stopped.

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Washington Is Reeling over New Reports of FBI Case

Is President Donald Trump a Russian agent?

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Brexit: A Cultural Morphology

How the deep forces of British history, from royalism and classism to nationalism and imperialism, combined to trigger the Brexit moment.

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Will Bad Bankers Ever Be Punished?

What can be done to rein in the prevailing culture of greed at leading global banks?

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Iran etc.: Launch Sanctions and You Trigger Corruption

New U.S. Treasury investigation spotlights Russians, Syrians and Iranians.

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The Decline and Fall of Donald Trump

The array of investigations centering on president Trump will dominate Washington politics for the foreseeable future.

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When Murdering Journalists Becomes Commonplace

It is time to be far more forceful in defending reporters and activists who serve the public and monitor the powerful.

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