George Courmouzis

George Courmouzis is a sports and media entrepreneur, working out of Greece and the United States. He has had business ventures in the Balkans, and has advised Greek Ministers and an ex Prime Minister. He has written articles on sports, focusing on the Olympic Games.

Erdogan, Desperado and Constant Provocateur

Nothing seemed to stop Erdogan’s provocations on Europe’s eastern flank — until he met his match. The big losers are the Turkish people.

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Will Trump Surrender the Olympic Games to Macron?

Will Trump fight for the 2024 games, or will he concede 2024 for 2028 and appear magnanimous for the first time in his life?

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How to Save the Olympic Games from Extinction

Paris in ’24, LA in ’28, then go multi-city: The Olympic games needs a fix before it’s too late.

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