George Magnus

George Magnus is an independent economist and commentator, an associate at the China Centre, Oxford University and an adviser to some asset management companies.

Trump’s Trade War Is Getting More Serious

In the tit-for-tat retaliation gaming with the United States over imposing tariffs, China is at a disadvantage.

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All Quiet Now, But Can Greece Really Thrive Inside the Euro?

Despite a deal being provisionally cut with Greece, a new chapter of European instability is only just starting.

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China’s Real Urbanization Hurdle

Why is local government reform in China key to the national economy?

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China: Hitting a BRIC Wall

After exhausting its basic growth model, how can China nurture productivity, innovation and modernity?

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Is Asia’s Economic Miracle Over?

After the excitement of rapid growth in the 1990s and 2000s, what do Asia’s prospects look like now?

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China and the End of the Magic of Extrapolation

How can China avoid a hard landing in the next few years?

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The Rebalancing of China

Why has China’s growth largely been one-sided — and what can be done to change the situation?

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The End of the Renminbi Regime

What should China do to maintain its rapid economic growth in this decade?

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Will China Eat Our Technological Lunch?

How does China need to change its educational institutions and patent policies to help foster innovation?

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Malthus, Marx and the Globalization Debate

Does Malthus or Marx have the best solution for global population growth?

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