Guy Pfeffermann

Guy Pfeffermann is the Founder and CEO of the Global Business School Network. He was formerly the chief economist of the IFC. Follow him @GPfeffermann

The Problem with Counting Nigerians

How large is the Nigerian population really? Nobody knows for sure.

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Brazil: Like India or Ghana?

Despite repeated high hopes for progress, it has been fifty years of unresolved economic problems in Brazil.

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Ethiopia: Land of Edible Napkins

Ethiopia has an amazing ability to get things done, quite unusual in low-income countries.

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Targeted Debt Relief: Humanitarian Action Plan for Greece

A Social Solidarity Program focused on Greece’s poor is a deal Germany may suggest.

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Travelogue: Singapore Utopia

The upright and welcoming jewel of Southeast Asia.

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Brazil: Ready for the World Cup?

An aspiring global tourism magnet, Brazil still needs work on the basics.

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Brazil: The People Vs. the Politicians

Amid mass demonstrations in Brazil, what is working and what needs improvement in the country’s political processes?

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Vignettes from India

What does a foreigner see and hear amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life in India?

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Remnants of Empire — Pakistan (2009)

What is Pakistan like 60 years after the British left?

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France in August — Far from the Maddening Crowd

Is the French countryside tourist-friendly in the summer months?

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