Gareth Porter

Gareth Porter is an independent investigative journalist and historian who specializes in U.S. national security policy.

Behind the Real U.S. Strategic Blunder in Syria

Obama’s Syria policy failed because it did not anticipate provoking Iranian and Russian interventions.

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Aleppo-Gaza-Baghdad: Inconvenient Truth, Inconvenient Parallels

Present violations of the laws of war are hardly unique to Aleppo.

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Obama’s Syria Policy: The Illusion of US Power in the Middle East

The cost of letting US policy be determined primarily by the ambitions of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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The U.S.-Syria Scandal: Supporting Sectarian War

Senior Obama administration officials were aware from 2012 that a war to overthrow Assad would inevitably become a sectarian bloodbath.

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A New Fight Over Syria War Strategy

President Obama has signaled a willingness to cooperate with Russia on Syria, but hawks are fighting the shift.

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U.S.-Iran: “Breakthrough” or Waning U.S. Power?

Obama opened lines of communications to Iran, but political pressures in Washington prevent a more substantive shift in relations.

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The “28 pages”: A Diversion From Real US-Saudi Issues

When will the real contradictions between U.S. and Saudi interests finally be openly acknowledged?

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How Putin’s Leverage Shaped the Syrian Ceasefire

On Syria, Russia’s President Putin is having his way not just vis-à-vis Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but also the United States.

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Obama’s “Moderate” Syrian Deception

Russia is targeting hardline groups the United States has tacitly aided for more than a year.

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Real Reason Behind Turkey’s Shoot-down of the Russian Jet

The data support Putin’s assertion that the shoot-down was prepared in advance.

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