Jacob Kirkegaard

Jacob Kirkegaard is Research Associate at the Institute for International Economics.

EU 2020 = US in 1913?

With regard to the EU’s own financial resources, Europe is taking another page from U.S. financial history.

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Merkel’s European Legacy

In the twilight of her career, will the German chancellor manage to produce a grand European compromise between the Northern “frugals” and the Southerners?

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EU: Global Climate Leader?

The EU can take the lead in fighting climate change. But an EU “Green New Deal” requires a far higher price on carbon.

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Italy’s New Coalition Faces Tough Choices

Italy has moved—again—in the direction of stability in the short term, while facing long-term fragility of its economic and financial situation.

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A Convenient Untruth

Are American workers — as U.S. politicians frequently claim — really the most productive in the world?

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White-Collar Outsourcing: Myth Vs. Reality

Are white-collar jobs in the United States as imperiled as blue-collar jobs?

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The Future of the U.S. Workforce

What is in store for the U.S. workforce in wake of immigration changes?

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Britain After a Decade of Labor: No Longer Rocking

Has Labor, as it claimed it would upon taking office in 1997, succeeded in making Britain a more equal society?

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How the U.S. Middle Class Became 10% Poorer

What does the OECD’s redefinition of the middle class reveal about the U.S. economy?

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A Danish Lesson for Germany

How did Denmark successfully reform its labor market?

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