Joshua Kurlantzick

Joshua Kurlantzick is Senior Fellow for Southeast Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations.

China and Coronavirus: From Home-Made Disaster to Global Mega-Opportunity

Despite an initially horrendous response, China now utilizes its Coronavirus campaign to build global soft power

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Weak and Undemocratic Governance is Dangerous for Your Health

Many Southeast Asian governments are failing the coronavirus test. Singapore stands out positively, Thailand negatively.

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Exceptional Malaysia

Malaysia achieved an impressive democratic victory. Just don’t expect its success to spread to the rest of Southeast Asia.

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Trump’s Playing Loose with the Law: A Global Perspective

Trump might seem pro-business, but he could do great harm to U.S. corporations and their worldwide interests.

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Democracy Goes into Reverse

Western leaders more or less unthinkingly assume that democracy will eventually triumph worldwide. Are they correct?

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Chinese Soft Power in Southeast Asia (Part II)

Will China’s growing clout in the developing world eventually create blowback against it?

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Chinese Soft Power in Southeast Asia (Part I)

How has China portrayed itself as the natural guardian of developing countries?

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