Janet Larsen

Janet Larsen is the director of research at the Earth Policy Institute in Washington, DC.

America’s Turn Away from Oil

The United States is already using less gas, so why would it turn to solutions that aren’t necessary to free itself from foreign oil?

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Could the Dust Bowl Happen Again?

How likely is the United States to experience a repeat of the Dust Bowl?

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An American Woman in Iran: The Culture

How does the average Iranian view the U.S. people compared to the Iranian government?

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An American Woman in Iran: The Environment

What surprises are in store for an American on her first visit to Iran?

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Lakes — An Endangered Species?

To what extent is the depletion of lakes impacting the tension between nature and industry?

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Dead Zones in the World’s Oceans

Are the world's coastal waters at risk?

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Toward Global Meltdown?

Are coastal cities under threat as glaciers and sea ice melt at a record pace?

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Sayonara to Cool Europe

Did Europe's 2003 heatwave indicate the way for future global climate changes?

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Iran: A Model for Family Planning?

Could Iran serve as an example of how best to curtail world overpopulation?

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Beyond Iraq’s Deserts

Is the world ready to stem the global desert sand tide and to preserve fertile land?

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