John West

John West is executive director of the Asian Century Institute [Japan] and author of "Asian Century… on a Knife-Edge: A 360 Degree Analysis of Asia’s Recent Economic Development."

Japan: A Polite Nation’s Dark Underbelly

A poor record on human rights hurts democracy in Japan.

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China’s Grudge Match Against Multinationals: Biting the Hand That Fed It

What motivates China’s leaders to go up against Western companies?

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Can China Maintain Social Peace?

China’s young people feel under intense pressure.

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Dazzling Singapore’s Deep Contradictions

The clean veneer surrounding Singapore starts to show cracks.

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Japan: A Venetian Destiny?

Japan and Venice share a similar history, but Japan should change course before that history repeats itself.

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America and India: So Much in Common

The world’s two largest democracies are engaged in plenty of unnecessary strife.

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