Kishore Mahbubani

U.S.-China: The Difficulty of Becoming Number Two

Are U.S. politicians ready to tell their people that the day is near when the United States will no longer be the globe’s number one?

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Why the United Nations Is Kept Weak

Is the West underestimating the value of the trust that the UN enjoys in the hearts and minds of the rest of the world’s population?

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China Returns to Its Global Roots

Can China’s future actions as a world power be predicted by a close look at its previous Golden Age?

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The Islamic Renaissance

Why has the West yet to recognize the cultural rejuvenation taking place in the Islamic world?

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How Muslims View the West

How do the differing mindsets of Westerners and Muslims explain tensions between the two groups?

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Dealing with the Muslim World: Five Western Mistakes

Why did Europe and the United States choose not to help Islamic countries for real?

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