Lester Brown

Lester Brown is the co-founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute in Washington, DC.

The Accelerating Transition Away from Fossil Fuels

This century is witnessing a shift to renewable solar and wind energy.

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U.S.-India: Dealing With Monsoon Failure

When the U.S. government worked constructively to help a nation in danger.

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Global Food Security: 10 Challenges

World Food Day reminds us of the fragility of food security in the 21st century.

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The New Geopolitics of Food

How can we help those on the lower rungs of the global economic ladder cope with rising food prices?

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Smarter Grids, Appliances and Consumers

How would a more efficient electrical system benefit consumers and the environment?

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Population Growth and Resource Availability

How does population affect peace and stability?

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Beyond the Big Three and Wall Street: The Other Massive Market Failure

In light of all the recent failures from Detroit, the Big Three and Wall Street, can we really trust the invisible hand to allocate financial or natural resources rationally?

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Redesigning Urban Transport

What is the future of transportation in the world’s largest cities?

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Pottytraining the World

Why does the world need to say farewell to the "flush and forget" principle?

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Designing Cities for People

In an age where parks are sacrificed for parking lots, how can city planning benefit people — not cars?

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