Leon T. Hadar

Leon T. Hadar is the Washington bureau chief for Singapore's Business Times.

It’s Sunny in Nicosia — Why Not in Jerusalem?

What would it take to create an environment of Cyprus-like co-existence in the Holy Land?

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American Realism and Engaging Syria

How is Syria becoming increasingly important to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East?

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Pax Americana or Primus Inter Pares?

Should the United States hold on to its notions of global hegemony?

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Tel Aviv’s European Roots

What role did architecture play in creating Israel’s most secular city?

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Israel’s Clash of Civilizations — Part II: Tel Aviv

Does Tel Aviv reflect the secular and liberal aspects of Israeli politics?

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Israel’s Clash of Civilizations — Part I: Jerusalem

Will Jerusalem and Tel Aviv clash over the future of the state of Israel?

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Israel: America's Weakest Link?

Does the U.S.-Israeli alliance do more harm than good for both countries?

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Saddam, Stalin, Hitler and History

Could Saddam Hussein's removal actually have endangered Iraq's future?

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Measuring the Arab World: Check the Christian Barometer

Are free elections truly a good measure of freedom and democracy in the Middle East?

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The Kerry Plan for Iraq

Can John Kerry get the Europeans to help more in Iraq?

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