Ludger Kühnhardt

Ludger Kühnhardt is director of the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI) at the University of Bonn, Germany.

After Brexit: Will the UK Now Lose the Falkland Islands?

Boris Johnson faces new challenges to British sovereignty, as global power shifts, tiny yet relevant, have returned in the aftermath of Brexit.

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Managing the Forces of European Populism

Voters must stop expecting easy solutions from politicians. And politicians must stop pretending they have them.

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The World’s New Thirty Years War

How to shape a coherent long-term Western strategy for the age of new global violence.

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Not Cold War II, But Toward World War III?

Putin is not the only problematic character on the global stage.

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Ukraine: Survival as a Human Right

Ahead of a decisive winter, Ukraine faces a difficult battle without strong support from the West.

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The Achilles Heel of the West

Tolerance is no purpose in itself, but a precondition for reconciling truth and liberty.

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The Atlantic Civilization and Its Enemies

Squeezed between a self-destructive Russia and Arab world, Western nations need to focus on their roots.

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Africa as a Global Test Case

Has the time for a new global approach to Africa finally arrived?

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Counterpoint: Germany’s Exit from History?

Is Germany burying its head in the sand when confronted with the headwinds of the real world?

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A Call for the United States to Rediscover Its Ideals

What can George Washington and Elvis Presley teach U.S. policymakers about the value of modesty as a tool of powerful multilateralism?

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