Lex Rieffel

Lex Rieffel is a Nonresident Fellow with the East Asia Program at the Stimson Center.

Downhill from Peak Globalization: When Will It End?

The world has encountered a series of shocks over the past 15 years. This should lead to more realistic expectations about the timetable for further globalization moves.

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US: Don’t Obsess About Population Size

The U.S. needs to embrace a smart immigration policy based on the country’s optimum population size. That pro-environment, pro-productivity choice will be appreciated by future generations of Americans.

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Governance Vs. Democracy

Why U.S. foreign policy should focus on “good governance” instead of “democracy.”

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Liberating the World Bank (From the US)

Reforms to make the World Bank less dependent on the United States would enable them to be more effective

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The IMF, the World Bank and the U.S.: A Brief History

U.S. participation in the IMF and World Bank was authorized in the Bretton Woods Agreement Act that became law in July 1945.

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Bon Voyage, World Bank!

Why has the time come to move the World Bank out of the United States?

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Obama Goes to Indonesia: It's More Than a Sentimental Journey

Why should Americans probably be more worried about Indonesia's democracy than its religious orientation?

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Regional Voices in Global Governance: Looking to 2010 (Part IV)

What countries will be included in a new global summit system?

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Regional Voices in Global Governance: Changing the G-8? (Part III)

What does the future hold for the G-8 and its membership?

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Regional Voices in Global Governance: The Role of Advocacy (Part II)

How do powerful members of the G-8 advocate for smaller countries in their region?

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