Massimo Franco

Massimo Franco is a political columnist for the Corriere della Sera in Milan, Italy, and author of "The Vatican According to Francis".

A Trumpian Headache for the Vatican

Donald Trump is an alien, if not an enemy, for papal Rome. His values and geopolitical vision are the opposite of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s.

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Pope Francis: U.S.-Cuba Matchmaker

What the U.S.-Cuba deal tells us about the future of Vatican diplomacy in a multi-polar world.

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Francis as the First Post-Western Pope

What is the new Pope’s strategy for the Middle East?

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After American Dominance: The New Pope’s Foreign Policy

What it means for the Middle East.

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The Russo-Papal Alliance in the Mideast

What has brought Russia’s Putin and Pope Francis together?

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Cleaning Up the Vatican Bank

Will Pope Francis be able to complete the reform of the Vatican Bank?

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