Muqtedar Khan

Muqtedar Khan is a professor of political science and international relations at the University of Delaware.

Pakistan Needs Regional and Global Alliances to Fight the Extremists

Will the attack on Karachi’s airport change the way Pakistan’s government deals with the Taliban?

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A View from the Muslim World: Cairo After Obama

How has the Islamic community reacted to President Obama’s landmark Cairo speech?

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Honey, I Shrunk Pakistan

What are the repercussions of the Pakistani President's recent peace deal with the Taliban?

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What Can Be Done About Pakistan?

In the wake of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, what should be done to bring stability and security to Pakistan?

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The Messages from Mumbai

After the dust settles, what can we learn from the terrorist attack in Mumbai?

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A Leaderless Global Order?

Should regional players combine to give the United States a much-needed reprieve from global disorder?

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The Latest Crisis in Pakistan

How has President Musharraf’s declaration of emergency in Pakistan generated a crisis with serious global implications?

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A Declaration of War on Shias?

Can the Bush Administration’s shift in policy stabilize Iraq — or will it lead to escalations in violence?

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Islam’s Future: The Importance of Social Sciences

How can understanding social sciences enhance Islamic teachings and faith?

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Belgium’s Muslim Beggars

How do Muslim communities living in the West view each other?

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