Mark S. Langevin

Mark S. Langevin is Director of the Brazil Initiative and a Research Professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University.

How Brazil Destroys Itself

The mutineers that brought down Dilma will soon be cut down by the same sword.

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Adrift: Brazil’s Crisis of Confidence

Corruption alone does not explain Brazil’s economic malaise.

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Rousseff, Brazil and Global Leadership

Is President Dilma ready for a change of course at home and abroad?

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U.S.-Brazil: The Battle Over Cotton Subsidies

Can Brazil retaliate and still win the match?

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Dilma Rousseff on Governing Brazil

What is the new President of Brazil’s vision for her country?

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Dateline Tehran: Brazil's Big-League Diplomacy (Part II)

Is Brazil about to change the rules of diplomacy?

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Dateline Tehran: Brazil’s Big-League Diplomacy (Part I)

Could Brazil displace the United States as the leader in global diplomacy?

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Weathering the Storm in Brazil

Why is Brazil’s recent economic development so unique?

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The Brazilian Model to Fight HIV/AIDS

Why do Brazil’s HIV/AIDS policies have many drug companies worried?

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Brazil: Navigating the Straits of Globalization

How is Brazil seeking to achieve its development goals?

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