Martin Walker

Two Kinds of Europeans

Has the U.S.-backed invasion of Iraq caused a rift among EU member states?

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Immigration: The Real Source of Transatlantic Strife?

Despite the many similarities, is it time for a transatlantic divorce?

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Walker Does Asia

What unusual features on Korea, China and Iraq did the world’s mainstream press miss?

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Walker Does Europe

What of recent European events did escape the mainstream press?

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Asia: An Irreverent Look

From the oil fields of Kuwait to the bureaucracy of China, what eludes the mainstream press?

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Spring Blossoms in the Middle East

What recent geopolitical developments could have a profound affect on the Middle East conflict?

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How Vietnam Wants to Make France Pay

How are Vietnamese veterans forcing France to face up to its colonial debts?

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Saudi Paupers and Afghan Needs

Shouldn’t oil-rich Saudi Arabia lead the financing effort to rebuild Afghanistan?

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The New Alliance: Israel,Turkey, India and the U.S.

Unusual times breed unusual allies — try looking off the beaten track.

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The New Triple Alliance

Are Israel, India and Turkey building a strong new alliance of regional superpowers with global reach?

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