Nathan Richter

Nathan Richter is pursuing a master’s degree in management at Peking University’s HSBC Graduate Business School, in Shenzhen, China.

China Takes a Vacation

How China is creating an infrastructure for a new consumption boom.

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Seeing China In A Different Light

Reflections on the delivery of social services in China.

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Innovation and Management in China, Germany and the US

Will China follow the U.S. model or the German model for innovation and management?

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Michelle Obama and the Third Roosevelt

How does Michelle Obama resemble Eleanor Roosevelt?

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Obama and the Other Roosevelt

In what ways does Teddy Roosevelt serve as a role model for Barack Obama?

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FDR — Obama’s Illustrious Predecessor?

Is Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama an FDR for the 21st century?

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Food For Thought

How could the United States improve its image in the Middle East in the wake of the global food crisis?

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The Colorblind Generation

Is the United States witnessing its first truly colorblind generation?

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Republicans, Immigration and the Lessons of History

Is anti-immigrant resentment meant to deflect attention from economic stagnation?

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Iraq: Is It All the American Indians’ Fault?

What effects have America’s 19th-century Indian wars had on “civilizing” efforts in Iraq?

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