Quentin Langley

Quentin Langley is a senior lecturer in pubic relations and digital business at the University of Bedfordshire Business School.

The Race to Succeed Cameron

A checklist for who’s running for what in the British government now that David Cameron has bowed out.

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Wither Belgium?

How much longer can Belgium survive the pressures of its unlikely origins?

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Lady Ashton Takes Europe

Will the existence of a High Representative enable the creation of an EU-wide, cohesive foreign policy?

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Putting Belgium on eBay?

What explains the mega-malaise currently gripping the Flemings and Walloons in Belgium?

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Countdown to Build a Real Society — A Manual in Eight Steps

How can countries achieve economic reform and civic involvement?

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Tumbling Dominoes in the Middle East?

Is the Middle East primed for a wave of democracy?

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