Robert D. Atkinson

Robert Atkinson is president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

Boosting Transatlantic Technology Cooperation

The EU and the U.S. need to address the real technology competitiveness challenge, which is China.

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How Financial Triumphalists Destabilize the US Economy

As long as the Wall Street triumphalists’ unreflected “why worry?” thinking remains the norm, the urgently needed pursuit of a U.S. economic reform agenda will go nowhere.

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Paris Climate Talks Need to Focus on Innovation

Only when the unsubsidized cost of clean energy is cheaper than fossil fuels will nations switch en masse.

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Renaissance in American Manufacturing? Not So Fast

Optimistic statistics on American manufacturing distract from the less optimistic truth.

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Robots Are Not the Problem

Less “rise of the machines” — and more “rise of the incomes.”

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What Really Is Competitiveness?

Nations compete — but no one ever accurately measures national competitiveness.

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Should We Expect Multinationals to Be Loyal?

Why would a European CEO be “shunned” if he moved much of his production to China?

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What Should America Do About China?

What actions should the United States take to change China’s current trade policies?

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How the Government Built Silicon Valley

Why is government support a necessary ingredient to building a vibrant system of innovation?

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The Globalist Debate: A Weaker Dollar Can Help the U.S. Economy

Will a weak dollar help reverse the flow of U.S. manufacturing jobs overseas?

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