Richard Duncan

Richard Duncan is the author of three books on the global economic crisis and the publisher of Macro Watch. Follow him at

QE Is Debt Cancellation

The United States, the UK and Japan have far less government debt than is generally understood.

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Rethinking American Capitalism

Can the United States transform its consumption- and credit-based economy to one based on investment and saving?

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The Geopolitical Consequences of a New Great Depression

What is at stake if the U.S. and global economies lapse into a sustained depression?

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Debunking The Global Savings Glut Theory

Is paper money created by the world’s central banks responsible for the “global imbalances” that destabilized the economy?

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Is the Pursuit of Industrial Policy Socialism?

What are some of the arguments against the U.S. government promoting a large-scale industrial policy?

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A 21st Century U.S. Industrial Policy

What can the U.S. government do to turn this economic crisis into future prosperity?

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A Plan to Reestablish the U.S. Economy’s Global Lead

How can the United States reinvigorate its economy and ensure its competitive advantage?

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The Urgency of U.S. Financial-Sector Reform: Why Paul Volcker Is Right

What changes must be made to the financial sector before the U.S. economy can fully rebound?

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