Ronald Meinardus

Ronald Meinardus is the head of the Turkey Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in Istanbul.

India’s Political Climate Is Getting Tenser

To what degree are tolerance and freedom of expression endangered in India?

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India: Why Does a Caste Aspire to Move Down the Social Ladder?

No other topic causes such emotional stir in India as the caste issue and everything related to it.

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India: Religious Census Data Stirs Controversy

Did the BJP release population data to use it as “ammunition” to incite Hindu masses? So says the opposition.

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The Malaise of Greek Liberalism

Why have efforts to establish liberalism in Greece not been successful?

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Modi’s First Year: A German View

Europe is watching how Modi performs in moving India’s economy ahead.

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Deaf Ears: India and the “Islamic State”

A new priority for Indian foreign policy.

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India and Israel: A Demonstrative Love Affair

India and Israel have a budding relationship based on security and foreign policy concerns.

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Sri Lanka’s Rainbow Revolution

First step towards lasting peace?

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The Obama/Modi Duo: A Summit of Democracies

President Obama’s visit to India has shown the world where his sympathies lie.

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Bhutan: Reconciling Economic Growth and the Environment


Taking a democratically-based, long-term approach to development.

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