Susan Braden

Ending Burma's Isolation (Part II)

How much aid does the international community give to the people of Burma?

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Ending Burma's Isolation (Part I)

What does Burma’s international isolation mean for the daily lives of its people?

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Ethiopia’s Green Famine

How can a country be in famine when its fields are watered and green?

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Hillary Clinton Does Macedonia

Do First Ladies really need a seat in The Situation Room to either influence U.S. policy — or understand how it is made?

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Oscar Looks Inward

Do the 2007 Oscar nominations present a skewed image of the United States?

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The Humanitarian Disaster Called "Gaza"

What do recent events in Gaza tell us about the situation of the residents there?

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Coming to Grips with the Iraq War’s Refugees

What is perhaps the most overlooked consequence of the Iraq war — and what can be done about it?

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Leonardo, Diamonds and Child Soldiers (Part II)

Why have international efforts to end the use of child soldiers been futile?

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Leonardo, Diamonds and Child Soldiers (Part I)

What have recent books and movies taught the world about the tragic fate of child soldiers?

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Hollywood’s Global Crop

What does the current crop of Oscar-nominated movies say about Hollywood and globalization?

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