Sreeram Chaulia

Sreeram Chaulia is dean of the Jindal School of International Affairs in Sonipat, India. His most recent book is "Trumped: Emerging Powers in a Post-American World."

“Trumping” the World: Rising Powers Eye a Post-American Global Order

As the U.S. steps back from shaping the world order, there is no reason to despair. It presents a historic opportunity for regional powers to fill the vacuum.

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How Modi Mobilizes the Indian Diaspora

Overseas Indians are central to the Indian Prime Minister’s larger strategic objective of turning India into a leading power on the world stage.

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CIA Torture: Book the Americans

If ever there is an open-and-shut case for the ICC to raise its stature as a universal upholder of justice, this is it.

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Saudi Arabia: U.S. Ally or Enemy in the Fight Against ISIS?

Riyadh has played a dubious role in combating the Islamic State and their partners.

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A Vote for Afghanistan

How can a society develop exemplary civic courage in the face of brutal terror?

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India-Pakistan: What Impedes the Rise of Anti-Establishment Rebels?

What can Pakistan’s elections tell us about the coming fate of India’s reformers battling stifling corruption?

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Mumbai Terror’s Pakistani Trail

Why are the recent Mumbai attacks a nasty byproduct of internecine churning within the Pakistani military?

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Dateline Greece: Goldman, Just Pay Up

Should Goldman Sachs accept moral responsibility and contribute funds to bailing out Greece?

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Shanghaied Into Cooperation

What tensions emerged among Shanghai Cooperation Organization members over the Russia-Georgia conflict?

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