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Sarah Karacs

Sarah Karacs is a globetrotting journalist. Now based in Europe, she spent a five-year stint in Hong Kong, where she experienced the city’s most turbulent years in recent history and its intense fight for democracy.

In her years in China, Sarah worked as a reporter at The South China Morning Post. She also covered the arts, culture and social and political trends in Hong Kong and China for a variety of local and international publications. In addition, she served as art editor for a magazine focusing on the city’s culture and heritage.

Born in Budapest, with roots in Hungary, Britain and Norway, Sarah grew up in the UK and Germany. A long-time globalist, she has always been interested in exploring questions of cultural identity and belonging.

She studied German and Czech language and literature at the University of Oxford and subsequently had a first stint living in China as a teacher on the mainland and teaching and writing for local magazines.  From there, she went on to acquire a Master’s degree in Newspaper Journalism at City University, London.

Relocating to Berlin a few months before the pandemic kicked off, Sarah had a fellowship with the European Journalism Observatory, an initiative serving as a bridge between practicing journalists and media researchers. She completed this role alongside several other reporting, writing and translating engagements covering a gamut of topics. These included mental health in journalism, Europe’s IoT roll out and the rise of AI.

Articles by Sarah Karacs

Lessons From Living Between Worlds

The world is complex. In trying to make sense of it, let’s not resort to divisive cliches.

February 6, 2022