Subbiah Lakshmanan

Subbiah Lakshmanan is a Finance Director with a media company based in Singapore.

US-North Korea: Limits to the Peace Negotiations

Both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un want to bring something that looks good back to their respective home audience. But the likely outcome will lack real substance.

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The Political Management of North Korean Society

North Korea’s political management system of carrots and sticks has enabled the regime to survive for 66 years.

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Why Singapore?

Strategic reflections from the North Korean, U.S. and Singaporean perspectives on the location of the Trump-Kim summit meeting.

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Malaysia’s Big Surprise

Last week’s election result is a major milestone in the racial politics of Malaysia. They point to a mature democracy based on the rule of law.

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Singapore Elections: All Sunshine for the PAP?

Despite an impressive election victory for the popular prime minister, Singapore’s politics is becoming more nuanced.

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Trekking Through China

How has development progressed in coastal versus inland China?

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