Stephan Richter

Stephan Richter is the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Globalist. [Berlin/Germany]

Theresa May and Political Wife-Beating

Hardcore Brexiteers’ proposition that May is incompetent because “she” does not deliver the Brexit they want is an unvarnished form of sexism.

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May’s Brexit Deal: Great If You Want to Suffer

Letting Britons have another vote on Brexit is the only sensible option.

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The US and Russia: Brexit Allies!

Both the U.S. and Russia support Brexit – but not for Britain’s sake.

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May and Churchill

Theresa May and Winston Churchill have a lot in common. Except that Churchill delivered, whereas May can’t.

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Theresa May and Political Wife-Beating, Brexiteer-Style

The hardcore Brexiteers are so keen on beating up on Theresa May for one primary reason – because she is a woman.

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What It Means to Be a Patriot, a Nationalist and a Globalist

Stephan Richter in conversation with Amanda Vanstone, the host of Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Counterpoint program.

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After the US Midterms: Democrats, Read the Fine Print

Despite the Democrats’ gains, the United States is structurally a remarkably conservative country. Republicans have the tools to defend themselves for decades to come.

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Can Democrats Overcome Trump’s Shadow?

Should the Democratic Party be fortunate enough to rise to power again, the question arises: What will they do with it?

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Five Structural Reasons for Lasting Republican Power

Why Republicans will be in power even after Democratic Party voting gains.

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Donald Trump’s 40-Year Shadow

It will take future Democrats large majorities, luck and sustained effort to undo the national and global damage imposed by the Trump administration.

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