Tridivesh Singh Maini

Tridivesh Singh Maini is a policy analyst associated with The Jindal School of International Affairs, New Delhi.

Iran: An Important Player for South Asia

Building a relationship with Iran is valuable for India. Will Pakistan try too?

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Japan’s Effort to Counter China’s Silk Road

The increasing economic presence of Japan in both South Asia and South East Asia provides a counterweight to China.

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Message to the West: Don’t Just Focus on Pleasing Pakistani Generals

The West doing more to strengthen Pakistan’s civilian government will help the fight against terrorism.

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Thinking Outside the Box for India’s Think Tanks

What can China’s policy researchers teach their Indian counterparts?

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Modi and India’s “Act East” Policy

Can India “Make It” in Southeast Asia?

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Myanmar and the India/China Shuffle

What are the options for India’s policy toward Myanmar?

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U.S.-India Relations: Beyond the Prism of National Capitals

Interaction between cities is essential to enhance the relationship between both the countries.

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