Tara Sonenshine

Tara Sonenshine is the former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. She is on the board of the Women’s Foreign Policy Group.

U.S. vs the World? Women as Top Political Leaders

To this day, most prime ministers and presidents are men. Women are not even close, despite some progress.

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2014 In The Rear View Mirror

Let’s close the books on 2014 with a degree of joy that the year is ending.

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Nurses Urgently Needed: Another Critical Global Shortage

Why nurses need us to care.

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Health Diplomacy vs. Health Terrorism

Two sides of a deadly coin.

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Water as the Oil of the 21st Century

Water, water everywhere … and nowhere.

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Ebola: An Opportunity for Public Diplomacy

The Ebola virus is proof that foreign policy is not “foreign.”

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WANTED: A Foreign Policy Slogan

The search for a “post” to describe U.S foreign policy continues.

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It’s Memorial Day: Give Your Kid a Break

The SAT bores and tortures students – and has nothing to do with education.

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The Balkans Challenge: Can Weather Woes Forge Political Partnerships?

The storm clouds over the Balkans have a silver lining, as they may help the region find solidarity.

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Food and Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic Cuisine

What can food teach us about global conflicts and creative diplomacy?

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