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Global Focus: Iran

Iran and the West have had a turbulent relationship for many decades. The causes and effects are complex.


  • The Globalist's top 10 features on Iran.

We present our top 10 features on Iran, analyzed from multiple perspectives, by a variety of our contributors.

1. The Killing of Qassem Soleimani: The US Misreads the Tea Leaves
The killing of Mr. Soleimani is bound to boost the hardliners in Tehran who are now expected to win next month’s Iranian parliamentary election.

By James M. Dorsey | January 4, 2020

2. The Need for a U.S. Policy Pivot Towards Iran
How the United States can once again become a Middle East power broker.

By Uwe Bott | October 24, 2018

3. Decertifying the Iran Deal Is Dangerously Reckless
Trump’s dreadful mistake of decertifying the JCPOA could have horrifying consequences for the Middle East.

By Alon Ben-Meir | May 9, 2018

4. Iran and the Rule of Law
To take its place on the global stage, Iran must learn the lessons of a 1992 terrorist trial in Germany.

By J.D. Bindenagel | March 17, 2014

5. Syria, Iran and American Forgetfulness
Which nation is the key enabler of Iran’s steady rise in the Middle East?

By Stephan Richter | June 17, 2013

6. Creating an Enemy of Iran
Are there untested diplomatic approaches that might reduce the risk of a conflict between the United States and Iran?

By César Chelala | February 6, 2012

7. Appeasing Iran?
Can the strategy the United States successfully pursued towards the Soviet Union also work towards Iran?

By Christoph Bertram | January 5, 2010

8. Britain’s Dark Shadow Over Iran
How was the United Kingdom complicit in undermining Iran’s budding democracy half a century ago?

By Ray Takeyh | February 19, 2007

9. Twenty Centuries of Friendly Cooperation: The Sino-Iranian Relationship
How has the Sino-Iranian friendship been shaped by both countries’ troubled relations with the West?

By John W. Garver | December 11, 2006

10. Iran Awakening
How have free speech restrictions in both the United States and Iran prevented a true dialogue between the two countries?

By Shirin Ebadi | October 10, 2006

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