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Europe and Transatlantic Futures

Is multilateralism the best way to combat the global problem of terrorism?

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Canada, the Savage Invader?

Does Canada really help explain the United States’ characteristic “way of war”?

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A Leaderless Global Order?

Should regional players combine to give the United States a much-needed reprieve from global disorder?

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Paul Martin — Au Revoir?

The Canadian prime minister speaks out on his country’s role in the world.

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The Globalist’s Top Books on China

What are the ten most intriguing books on China published in the last decade?

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The Globalist’s Best Books of 2007

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, what are some of the best books of 2007?

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The Benefits of the Post-American Order

The most pivotal insight for the post-American world order is that the pursuit of economic self-interest and self-preservation go hand in hand, whether at the national, regional or global level.

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From Trump to Erdogan: The Rise of the “Identitarians”

Supporters of identity politics feel safer by shutting doors to the rest of the world. Who pays the price? How did elites contribute to it all?

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“Trumping” the World: Rising Powers Eye a Post-American Global Order

As the U.S. steps back from shaping the world order, there is no reason to despair. It presents a historic opportunity for regional powers to fill the vacuum.

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The Globalist’s Top Books of 2009

What are The Globalist’s ten favorite books of the year?

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