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U.S. Democracy For Sale: Just Ask Sheldon

Sheldon Adelson is the personification of money in American politics today. Perversely, nothing that he has done is illegal.

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The Internet and Political Campaigns

How has the Internet helped or harmed political campaigns?

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US Fed: Go Knock Yourself Out, Chicken Little

Janet Yellen should be more assertive on interest rates.

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Tanzania: A Second-Hand Economy?

How have used American and European clothes created a market in Tanzania?

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Modernity: No Shield Against Genocide

As long as we put our short-sighted political interest above human lives, we prove we have learned little from history and are condemned to repeat it.

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AID and the Afghan Cotton Saga

Why would USAID not get behind an effort to turn Afghan farmers from poppy to cotton?

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Steven Case — American Online

What does its founder say about AOL — and what do others say?

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Soybeans — The New King of the Crop?

Why has soybean production expanded so rapidly in recent years?

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What Can You Buy For an F-22?

How many fighter-jets can you buy for the same cost of increasing U.S. development aid by 50%?

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Gravity, Iowa and Dordogne, France: A Bucolic Double Portrait

How do efficient U.S. farming practices compare to Europe’s cheaper methods?

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